Laundry Tips

1. Do laundry often, so it's not a huge ordeal. It depends how many are in the family; if you have, do a little every couple of days.

2. Sort Before you go to the laundry. You can sort the lighter and darker clothes to use in separate washers.

3. Wash dark clothes inside out to keep them from fading

4. Make sure you’re washing things at the right temperature

5. Check the tags of all of your items before going to the laundromat. If any of your items can’t be dried in the dryer, bring a plastic bag hold those items separately while the rest of your wash dries.

6. Strive for simplicity. Do all stain pre-treatments before you go so that you carry less in with you.

7. Choose an off-peak hour. If it is convenient choose middle of the day as evenings after work and Saturday /Sunday could be busy. This will let you use a couple of washers and dryers to do all your work at once.

8. Remember to check all of the settings. Whoever did laundry before you might have turned the settings to a small load on scorching hot. Check all of the dials, each and every time you wash to make sure.

9. Don’t crowd the washer. Stuffing a washer to the brim may seem like it will save money, but this is an easy way to tear clothing, and it also can prevent your clothes from getting clean, instead requiring that you run the load repeatedly to remove stains or the yellow/grey film that can develop from an overloaded washer.

10. Dryers work more quickly if they are only a third full, so consider doubling up on machines to cut down on time.

11. Use a dryer sheet . Dryer sheets can help soften clothes, reduce static cling and make them smell great. The reduced static can make folding less shocking.

12. Fold as much as possible. Folding clothes helps to save time with ironing. If there is limited space, fold as soon as is convenient at home as this will reduce creases.

13. Leave your clothes unattended at your own risk. If you don’t get back in time, someone may just take the liberty of piling your clothes on top of one of the tables in order to use the machine.

14. Remember to bring a basket to carry your entire laundry home. The bags you carried may work, but you may have a wrinkled mess by the time you get home.

15. Laundry Tags on clothes