About Us

Nurtured with  passion  for over 20 years, we bring together the spirit of Truro.  With easy access and convenience we are located in the heart of Truro, close to a popular cafe and a dine in resto . Our ever growing customer base comes from within Truro and all the other surrounding communities. We have the friendliest on site staff that is there to help you and serve you with a smile. Enhancing customer experience is  our primary focus.

Our number one priority is hygiene and sanitization whether it is our laundry or our salon every machine and equipment is cleaned with a disinfectant after every use. The laundry is well equipped with 50 washers, dryers, big load machine and all the products you would need. We offer drop off and pick up services as well.

Our cozy  tanning salon takes you away from the daily hustle and bustle of life with its own lounge area and tanning beds that help you relax. The salon has a  Sundome standup, SunStar big bed and Sun vision Pro regular beds in separate warm private clean rooms with individual music systems in each room. Our knowledgeable and experienced staff members are here to help you answer any questions you have about tanning. Every machine is set on auto timer to ensure all our customers are safe and not over exposed at any point of time. Besides you have a wide variety of tanning lotions, refills,  moisturizers along with eyewear at unbelievable rates.

To keep you comfortable during any time of the year the salon and laundry has a central Air Condition and Heating system with relaxing music, kids play area and washroom. Do your laundry or leave it to us and enjoy your tan meanwhile.

Come visit us and see what we are all about.